Monday, July 28, 2008

Wow - it's been a month

I can't believe it's been a little over a month since I've made a blog post. I guess I've just been very very busy.

Let's see over the last month, my daughter turned 20 years old on July 3rd, my grandson turned 8 months old on July 20th, my son-in-law was hit by an unisured motorist, my ex husband was hit by a guy turning left but forgot to yield to oncoming traffic. (Both are okay, son-in-law's car was just a door crunch, ex husband's car was totalled). Spent a few days in Colorado with my parents, wish we could have stayed longer, work has been crazy, and I've gotten quite a bit of knitting done. (Actually more stash building than anything). That's it in a nutshell.

My sister, her kids, Alyssa 20 (and 8 months pregnant) and Baryn (18 and leaving for college this week) and I went to Walsenberg, Colorado for the week to see Mom and Dad. It's a 10 hour car ride and that's really tough when you've got 4 people in a Honda Civic and one of them is hugely prego and wanting to stop to eat or pee every hour or so. No really it wasn't that bad, ooops I forgot about our final passenger, my sisters 1/2 breed chihuaha, Booger.

We got there around 2pm on Friday and after getting all of our stuff in the house and resting for a few minutes we were off to the LYS - Edla's Yarn Store. She was so excited to see us because I'm sure when we visit her weekly sales quadruple at least. I know my sister spent somewhere around $400 and I spent around $200 this time. She was having a sale of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, $2.00 per skein usually Cotton Fleece sells for $8.00 per skein. We each bought about 35 or so skeins and would have gotten more if we would have been more quiet about our find, but our squeels of joy alerted other customers and they ran over and grabbed what they could grab before the shelves were cleared. Here's a pic of the stash I bought. stash 018 There's also some Berroco Foliage in the stash that was on sale for $3.75 each and then I got that cute pink and brown project bag for $15.00. Saturday, we went back to Edla's and spent the entire day sitting around the knitting table chatting with the regulars. I also ended up with some Cashmere/Silk that I made a beautiful scarf with, now I just need to block it and it will be ready to wear this fall. Here's a picture of it. stash 031

Sunday we went to Pueblo to the movies to see Batman (Dark Knight) it was pretty good I guess, it was so crowded we had to sit on the front row, the next day my shoulder hurt so bad from leaning weird so I could try and see the entire screen without turning my head from side to side.

Monday we just relaxed and watched movies and knit at Mom and Dad's and Tuesday morning we headed home, we were planning on staying until Saturday, but Alyssa and Baryn both had dr's appointments that couldn't be rescheduled. It was a fast and furious trip, but it was still fun. Mom and Dad are planning on coming here in September to see Alyssa and Josh's baby.

Since I got home so early and had scheduled the entire week off anyways, I just stayed home and played with my grandbaby and helped my daughter, Chelsea out and gave her a little break. She wasn't feeling very good so I made her go to the dr because she had a sore throat and I could see white patches on her tonsils and was afraid she might have strep throat. The dr didn't think it was strep, but possibly mono so they drew some blood. She got the results back today and it is confirmed, she has mono. Hopefully the entire family doesn't come down with it, I'm not really sure how you get it, but the doctor said not to drink after each other. Luckily, they said the baby is probably immune since he was born healthy and hasn't had any medical issues.

That's all I've got right now, I'll try and write again before another month goes by!