Thursday, August 27, 2009

The summer blazed by!

I can't believe that summer is almost over. It seems like yesterday that school was getting out for the summer and now the kids have all gone back to school. Chelsea's got 2 more classes to finish before she can apply for respiratory therapy program. My nephew went back to Independence KS for his second sememster and my niece is going back to TCC and wants to get in the nursing program. I have to leave the house a few minutes earlier everyday to miss all the school buses. Unfortunately, this morning, the buses beat me. Why can't all the kids gather at one location to get on the bus? I was behind a bus this morning that stopped at one driveway of an apartment complex and picked up about 5-8 kids and then drove to the next driveway (approximately 20 feet) and picked up about 5 more kids. I guess it wouldn't be so bad, but why does it take the kids so long to get their seat and for the driver to take off. Then, he drove about 1/10 of a mile and picked up 2 more kids (well there were 2 kids waiting on the bus), but we had to wait approximately 5 minutes for Miss Priss to walk slowly up the street. If I had been the driver I would have told her to run or I'm leaving. I bet by the time we hit every stop, and before I was able to turn off the road, there were probably 20 cars behind me. I'm leaving early tomorrow for sure. I don't want to deal with the bus route again.

Mom and Dad came down from Colorado last week. We had a good visit. It was my great nephew's first birthday and Dad's 70th birthday (1 day apart). They headed back home Tuesday morning and Mom got a traffic ticket in New Mexico.

My sister, her friend and I are going to take a road trip to Colorado over Labor Day weekend. It should be alot of fun. I'm ready to get some new yarn from Edla.

Speaking of yarn and knitting...Rita loves the Susie Hoodie, I've started a 2nd hoodie for Leigh. Her birthday is Saturday, she won't get it on her birthday, but hopefully by mid to late September it will be ready to wear. Davy wants a black hoodie for Christmas too.

The Rogers County Fair is September 18th - 21st. I have to have the Barn Raising Quilt turned in as an entry on September 16th. That will be exciting to see if I can win something. The bad thing with this fair is that you can only enter one knitted item per person. If I were a crocheter I could enter upteen different things. There are categories for household items like dishclothes, there are seperate categories for afghans, clothing, baby, miscellaneous. But only one category for knitting. I was hoping to be able to enter the BRQ and the Susie Hoodie, but I guess I can't this year. I think I'll have to put a bug in the decider the the categories ear and see what happens.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Susie Hoodie is FINISHED

Actually I finished it about a week ago. I made the XL size and the plan was that this would my sister's birthday present. Her birthday is August 29th and it would be perfect for her to wear to the football games. So, I worked my fingers to the bone to get it ready for her. By the way it turned out gorgeous.

Once I had attached the sleeves, I had my daughter slip it on just so I could see it hang. I got a little worried because my daughter is no where near an XL size, she's a medium at best. But it looked like it would be a comfy size on her. You know, when you can overlap the sides in front of you and cuddle up. This concerned me, so I tried it on. My sister and I are about the same size except my boobs are bigger and the front panels didn't meet together. I could pull it together, but then it looked a little stretched. Okay, now I've knit this entire sweater and half of the hood and it's not even going to fit her. But I continued hoping that once the hood was complete a miracle would occur and the sweater would be the perfect size. Well, it didn't happen.

I brought the sweater to work with me, because we were having our girls night knitting that evening. I let Rita try it on. Now, Rita is about 5'10 and probably weighs 150ish. It was like the sweater was made for her. It fit perfect, the length was right, the sleeves were right, everything was right. We were standing in the bathroom looking at the full length mirror and I just said "Happy Birthday" (here birthday was August 10th). Her eyes got wide and her mouth fell open. "Are you serious? You can't give this to me, it's for your sister!" I told her I'd make my sister another one. This sweater wouldn't have fit her anyways and I want it to be worn and loved. "She said, I'll love it and wear it all the time."

Sorry Sister...I'll try and get yours finished by Christmas.

Here are some pictures of Rita modeling, she hates getting her picture taken and didn't want me to get her face in the pictures, but I had to get at least one with her smiling and happy about the new sweater.