Monday, May 29, 2006


Good news! This week I lost another 1.4lbs which brings me to 161.8 a total of 33.2lbs gone forever. This morning I straightened out my NS cabinet to get ready for my new shipment which should arrive Wednesday.

I haven't done much today - haven't felt that great. I mowed the yard - 2 acres yesterday and my allergies really hit hard. So today I've just played on the computer and watched some tv. I did manage to get a load or two of laundry done.

Today's Food

I got up this morning and had my favorite breakfast, blackberries (microwaved 3 min) sprinkled with cinnamon and splenda topped with NS granola and a few squirts of butter spray (microwave again for 20 secs) It's fabulous.

Lunch was NS tuna salad on a small whole grain bun with lettuce, tomato, green onion and green peppers. Very tasty!

Snack - ff yogart

This evening I think I'm gonna have the NS Chicken Parmesan, green beans and peaches with sf cool whip.

I'm running low on my favorite desserts, I think I've got some carmel corn left. I've got several puddings and shakes but I really don't care for them.

The Rest of the DAY

I'm going to go for a walk, what??? did I say that? just baby steps, for those of you who read my blog you know I hate exercise. So I'll go to the end of the road and back which is 1 mile. Then we'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm not making any promises, but I can set a goal. My goal is to walk 2 times this week. Remember I'm taking baby steps. Maybe next week I go for 3 times and progress from there.

After my walk - I'll have dinner and then finish up the laundry and finish reading the James Patterson novel I started the other day. Okay, Teresa get up, get Beau's leash and go for a walk.

Friday, May 26, 2006


It's Friday finally - actually it's Saturday morning. Couldn't sleep so I decided to do some writing. What a day - still having problems with our new system, payroll has been a disaster. Still too many freaky glitches happening.

Mom and Dad came for a visit over the long weekend. It's always good to see them. They drove up last night from Colorado. I hope that everything works out and I'll be able to take off work for a week and go visit them this summer. The weather is always so nice at their house in the summer. It's so humid here in Oklahoma and add 100° temps to that and it's miserable here.

If I haven't mentioned this before, my sis and I are doing some research on our Indian heritage (or, trying to prove our Indian heritage). It's been really interesting. We always thought we were Cherokee, but we've recently found out that we also have some Osage history. Now we just have to find the proof in writing somewhere. I sure wish we would have started this while more of our family was still alive to help us with names and places.

This week has been really good food wise...I really need to get the exercise in, but I HATE IT!!! I know I would lose the weight faster if I'd get off my butt and get some cardio. I always have grand ideas and plans for exercising. I'll take my walking shoes to work and plan a walk during lunch time - do I walk? NO! I play on the internet instead. My friend Sabina wants me to take salsa dancing lessons with her. It sounds like fun, but I just can't see myself doing the salsa without throwing out my back. I can always think of an excuse not to exercise. My girls club wants to start taking belly dancing lessons...haha that's funny. The image I have of myself wearing a belly dancing outfit is hillarious. I'm sure it's good exercise and I should do something like that maybe I'd be more inclined to stick with an exercise plan if it was something fun. Because walking up and down my road just isn't fun. Going to the gym isn't fun. If not for the exercise the belly dancing would make me laugh so hard I'd have to burn extra calories. I'm giggling right now just thinking about it.

Sunday is weigh-in day - let's all pray really hard that the scale moves down again.

Talk to you later,

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Alyssa's Graduation

This is the reason for getting up in the morning!

David (20) Chelsea (17) Alyssa (18) Baryn (16). Hey Sis - I think this means we are getting old. 2 more graduations to go, then we get to look forward to the weddings!

Last night my niece Alyssa graduated from high school. We had a get together before the ceremonies. There was alot of food and I am very proud of myself for not standing around and grazing in the kitchen. We had very very lean hamburgers on wheat buns, small amount of baked beans, a bite of potato salad and a cauliflower/brocolli salad. I didn't have cake, but I did have some unsweetened fruit with sf ff cool whip and 1/2 of a small brownie. I could have taken my NS food, but I want to be able to learn to eat real food and not go crazy. The only thing I could have done better was drinking more water. I got it all in, but it meant drinking water until 11:30 last night which interrupted my sleep more than once. Somthing else makes me wonder-hmmmm, I had a 2.4 lb loss this week, would it have been a bigger loss if I'd eaten NS food or a smaller loss. Did that REAL food throw another log on the furnance in my body or was it because it was just different food. Or, was it because I didn't have a loss last week and my body was just catching up. That's probably it! I'd forgotten about last week's non-movement of the scale.

This has been a nice weekend, I took a vacation day on Friday and I'll also be off on Monday. I've got to start using my vacation days because the year is almost halfway over and I've only taken 1 week with approx 6 weeks left. I always have to roll over 2 weeks at the end of the year but that's all I can roll, anything leftover I lose. I spent most of Friday at my sister's house trying to research our family history. It's been very interesting. This all began about 3 years ago when my grandmother died and after the funeral a great aunt started talking about the history of our family and that her great great grandfather was full blood Cherokee. We've always know this but she actually had a name. Leigh Ann and I went to the library and search the Dawes rolls but found out that our ancestor got off the Trail of Tears in Missouri. So we thought our proof of Cherokee blood would never be traceable. Then about 2 months ago one of my employees was telling me that he had just gotten his tribal card, I told him my story and he said his ancestor was the same way. He was able to trace his lineage back to the White River Band of Cherokee Indians in Missouri and Northern Arkansas. So we were back on the search. During this we also got some more information on my Grandfather's side that traces Cherokee back to my GGG Grandmother. So that would make me approximately 1/64 on my Grandma's side and 1/32 on my Grandpa's side. I've never been very good at fractions but I think that calculates to 3/64. Is that right? So we've got branches of family trees all over, a little here and there and we are trying to tie the tree together. It would be nice to be able to get our tribal cards to help send the kids to college and also for medical care if they aren't able to afford health insurance when they are on their own. If nothing else it's been fun.

You know something that I haven't talked about in a while is my knitting - that last project wore me out and I haven't knit since January. I put everything away while I was painting and just haven't gotten it back out yet. But I've got the bug again. I'm going to knit this tank. It should ber very simple and not take too long, plus it will be nice for this summer and I can probably even wear it to work. It's made out of cotton so it shouldn't be hot. I really miss my knitting, I think I might even go to the yarn store tomorrow and pick out the yarn for this tank and get started on it. What color should I get? I have alot of clothes this color of green so I need to get something else. Maybe turquoise??? What do you think. Leave me comments and let me know.

I've got a new picture that I want to post - it looks a little better than the girls night photo. Chelsea took this of me last night before we left for graduation. At least I've got makeup on and my hair doesn't look crazy. In the girls night photo I look like I was getting ready to bend over, kinda hunchbacked, a little wild eyed. This pic actually looks like me (most of the time)...

Okay back to the graduate.

Alyssa plans to go to our local university this fall and apply for the nursing program as soon as she has met the requirements. I wish I could have gotten the picture of her actually receiving the diploma, but my cameral has a split second delay and by the time I pushed the botton she was already walking away. I took another picture of her when she was walking to her seat at the beginning and by the time the camera actually captured the picture, she had almost walked out of the frame. (I wish I would have spent another $100 and gotten the Fuji 5100 - trying to save a buck isn't always the best).

Here she is wearing the sunglasses. They released the balloons and are getting ready to throw their hats in the air. It was a great night, even though it was very hot, sweaty, and my butt hurt so bad sitting on those metal bleachers for a couple of hours. Congratulations Alyssa, I'm very proud of you!!! Love ya Teresa.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Poker Night with the Girls!

Here's the gang!! (those aren't real tatoos are Kasey and Frankie-just residuals from the craziness that goes on).

Tonight Kim was our hostess and she served some sort of chicken pizza, it was her own creation with chicken, feta cheese, almonds and some spices all wrapped up in a pie crust. It reminded me of a quesadilla. The girls really liked it, I had my NS hamburger and salad with Ranch chips. She also had some fruit, grapes, apples so I was able to munch on that a little bit. Girls night was a week earlier than normal, because next week is my niece's high school graduation - can't miss that!

Okay, so the theme this month was a little unusual. Kim called me today around noon and left a message that her theme was going to be egyptian queens because it's Mother's day weekend and since we are all moms we should be treated like a queen. Her last statement on my voicemail was "so wear a toga!" What??? Isn't a toga Greek? So we are supposed to meet at her house at 5pm and I'm listening to this message around 1pm. I called her and said "I'm not wearing a toga" She cried and carried on that I was going to be the only one not participating in the fun. "Why a toga? that's not egyptian" She said "pretend, make it look like the Queen of the Nile." Fine - I start digging though the linen closet, but I don't have any white sheets, the closest was light blue with clouds. "Good enough." I pack my junk over to her house and she starts wrapping me up in this and putting dark eyeliner on me, tied my hair up in Mardi Gras beads, gold belt and dangly earrings and viola! I'm the Queen of the Nile.
After the girls arrived and pictures were taken, we ditched the togas and ate dinner. Then we played our normal game of Cranium, and then poker. I did pretty good tonight. Started out with $4.00 and came home with about $20.00.

Frankie, Kasey and Diana decided we needed to go to the casino and play the slot machines so we all jumped in the cars to hit the slots. I only played about $5.00 and lost it all, but it was fun. Then we called it a night and headed home.

When I got in the house I immediately downloaded the pics because if there were any of me that I didn't know about I could get rid of them. Thank God, I was the one in charge of picture taking. hehehe Diana and Kim would kill me if they new their picture was on the internet. Here are some of the pics from tonight.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My kids...aren't they cute. Chelsea's a free spirit and Dave's my musician.

This week was so busy at work and it showed on the scale. Only a very small loss this week. We got a new database system on Monday and it was a week long training process. We had a trainer in the office and we ate out for lunch every day. I made wise choices, mostly salads with grilled chicken, but I drank less water and more tea. Usually during a normal work day I'll drink 3 bottles of water. I bet I didn't drink 3 bottles of water all week. Just so busy, I didn't take the time to think about fluids. There were a couple days that I didn't even pee until I got home from work. Next week will be better, hopefully we can get the office back to the normal pace.

Today I've been really lazy. It's been raining all day and I've had a headache since I got out of bed. I've watched a couple of movies, talked to my sister for awhile, washed a couple loads of laundry and that's it.

I had to get glasses, yep I'm getting old age eyes. I had RK (the surgery before Lasik) about 14 years ago. I went to the eye dr. because I've been having trouble driving at night. He told me I'm far sighted with an astigmatism. (That's why the drugstore reading glasses didn't work for me) I picked up my new glasses yesterday and I'm having trouble with them. I can't get used to wearing them to read, because then when I look up I can't see far away. That might be part of my headache problem too.

Got to go, hope everyone who reads this has a good week. I'll write later.