Saturday, May 13, 2006

Poker Night with the Girls!

Here's the gang!! (those aren't real tatoos are Kasey and Frankie-just residuals from the craziness that goes on).

Tonight Kim was our hostess and she served some sort of chicken pizza, it was her own creation with chicken, feta cheese, almonds and some spices all wrapped up in a pie crust. It reminded me of a quesadilla. The girls really liked it, I had my NS hamburger and salad with Ranch chips. She also had some fruit, grapes, apples so I was able to munch on that a little bit. Girls night was a week earlier than normal, because next week is my niece's high school graduation - can't miss that!

Okay, so the theme this month was a little unusual. Kim called me today around noon and left a message that her theme was going to be egyptian queens because it's Mother's day weekend and since we are all moms we should be treated like a queen. Her last statement on my voicemail was "so wear a toga!" What??? Isn't a toga Greek? So we are supposed to meet at her house at 5pm and I'm listening to this message around 1pm. I called her and said "I'm not wearing a toga" She cried and carried on that I was going to be the only one not participating in the fun. "Why a toga? that's not egyptian" She said "pretend, make it look like the Queen of the Nile." Fine - I start digging though the linen closet, but I don't have any white sheets, the closest was light blue with clouds. "Good enough." I pack my junk over to her house and she starts wrapping me up in this and putting dark eyeliner on me, tied my hair up in Mardi Gras beads, gold belt and dangly earrings and viola! I'm the Queen of the Nile.
After the girls arrived and pictures were taken, we ditched the togas and ate dinner. Then we played our normal game of Cranium, and then poker. I did pretty good tonight. Started out with $4.00 and came home with about $20.00.

Frankie, Kasey and Diana decided we needed to go to the casino and play the slot machines so we all jumped in the cars to hit the slots. I only played about $5.00 and lost it all, but it was fun. Then we called it a night and headed home.

When I got in the house I immediately downloaded the pics because if there were any of me that I didn't know about I could get rid of them. Thank God, I was the one in charge of picture taking. hehehe Diana and Kim would kill me if they new their picture was on the internet. Here are some of the pics from tonight.

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