Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday

I'm the only one in the office this morning so I've been doing the Friday Happy Dance around the office. It's a lazy Friday, so not much real work is getting done. But hey, I worked really hard the other four days of the week.

Let's see, what's been going on in my world? Well, the most important thing is that Hayden is getting cuter and smarter everyday. He love riding on the lawn mower with anyone who will give him a ride. It's so cute to see him great you at the door, with his arms raised high, and shaking his hands as he continues to say "maw mo ah" until you pick him up and start the new John Deere.

The other day he found a really old picture of my sister and her family probably from 1993 or so, he picked it up and pointed to Brent, he looked at me and said "Bumpy? Bumpy?" I said yes, actually shocked that he could tell that the skinny young man in the old picture was Brent. Then he pointed to Alyssa's (my niece) and said "Sissa?" The only resemblence from the picture of a 5 or 6 year old to now is the red hair. But he's a smart little boy and he loves his Maamaw.

Yesterday, we had a guy show up in the office, he's been coming around for several years but I don't know his name. He peddels knock offs, Coach bags, wallets, sunglasses, etc. Well, I hope they're knock offs and not stolen. I bought three pairs of sunglasses for $20 bucks. He was supposed to come back today during our lunch hour with new purses in different colors. He also sells "blackmarket" DVD's not sure how he's getting his hands on these movies, since some of them haven't even come out on DVD yet. I didn't buy any, but the last time he came back with his wares, a couple of the girls bought some of the movies. I guess you get what you pay for...the movies are $5.00 each, but the lip syncing is off, so it's like watching a old Japanese movie. And, occasionally something will flash on the screen, Rita said it flashes so fast she can't make out what it says. It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, but at least you can't see people standing up and you don't here whispering or laughing while you're watching these $5.00 gems.

So, do you watch Big Brother? I'm totally obsessed this season. Well, maybe not totally, I haven't bought the live feeds yet. But I do stay up until 2am in the morning watching Big Brother After Dark. I know who won the HOH, I know who's on slop and I love sharing everything I know, but I won't do it here, because some of you might not want to have the show spoiled for you.

On the knitting front...I'm determined to finish the Susie Hoodie this weekend. I've finished the body and I've started on the hood. My next project will be to design a cardigan style hoodie for my son. He's really the only person in my family who appreciates my knitting talents. I've never designed a sweater, but I'm going to give it my best shot. It's name to expand my designer wings and maybe even get published some day. Wouldn't that be cool!

Well, it's about time for lunch so I'll talk to you guys later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Susie Hoodie

Progress Report:

I've been working on the Susie Hoodie for a little over a month and I think I'm about 60% finished. Notes: A few things that helped me stay on track.

A. I ended up having to write down the rows, like
r1 - cable row 6
r2 - p
r3 - cable row 8
etc. I would check mark each row as I finished it. This way if I sat my work down and came back I'd know which row I left off on.

B. I wish I would have researched the pattern a little bit more before I jumped in. When I got to the cuffs on the sleeves, I did it just like the pattern said, which in hide sight seemed screwed up, but I just kept on going. Check for errata before starting. It turned out okay, you can't tell because of the way I stitched the cuffs. Also, when knitting the sleeve, I had to make sure and use my row counter because there are so many repeats that I didn't want to screw up.

C. When working on the waist a little research on how you want to do the M1. I've always, well almost always considered when a pattern says to increase that it meant to knit in front and back unless otherwise noted and a Make 1 (even though it's an increase) was considered to be knitting the bar between the stitches. Well, if you do it this way, it will make a hole in your work. Someone told me I should have picked the bar up from the back with my left needle and knitted it twisted. Unfortunuately, I didn't stop and try to find out a better solution, I just kept on going, assuming that's what the designer wanted. I wish I would have watched the Cat Bordhi video on increasing before today. She talks alot about family, like the stitch on the needle is the daughter, and the one below is the mother and the one below the mother is the grandmother, and it got a little distracting for a second until she started knitting. She didn't knit the bar between the stitches, she picked up the mothers right leg and knit that. It made a very tiny hole, but much better.

Here is a picture of the cable up close. I can't wait to get this finished. It will be really nice for someone to wear to the OU football games.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's because of Farkle

I have to come clean and admit that I'm addicted to that stupid dice game on facebook called FARKLE!!!! It has consumed my life, I have it minimized on my work computer just so I can pull it up and play a game between phone calls, I don't spend enough time with my Ravelry groups because I'm playing Farkle, I'm not getting my knitting finished because I'm playing Farkle and now my grandson sees me sitting at the computer and he runs over because he wants to play "caukle".

Why do I have such a competitive attitude with this game, it's ridiculous!!! My sister and some of my friends play it and I can't stand it if they are ahead of me. That's why I keep playing.

I think the makers of Farkle want you to become addicted, I finally had to turn the sound off on my computer because even when I wasn't playing the game, I could hear the noise in my head that the dice make as they are rolling.

The only positive thing about this game is that it's free, because if I were spending a quarter a roll, I'd be broke and in the poor house. And, that brings up another thing, it's a free game, so why do they have it programed that if you get a really great score on round one like 2650 points that on your second round it FARKLES when rolling all 6 dice.

There needs to be a detox program and a 12 step program for Farklers...I don't think we're bad people, I just think we're sick, it's a Farkle disease. We know we want to quit and that we need to quit, but we just can't help ourselves.

Hang on, I've got to click on the cup so the dice will roll again.

SEE, see what I mean! I can't even type in my blog without having Farking Farkle pulled up on the next tab!!!