Thursday, July 23, 2009

Susie Hoodie

Progress Report:

I've been working on the Susie Hoodie for a little over a month and I think I'm about 60% finished. Notes: A few things that helped me stay on track.

A. I ended up having to write down the rows, like
r1 - cable row 6
r2 - p
r3 - cable row 8
etc. I would check mark each row as I finished it. This way if I sat my work down and came back I'd know which row I left off on.

B. I wish I would have researched the pattern a little bit more before I jumped in. When I got to the cuffs on the sleeves, I did it just like the pattern said, which in hide sight seemed screwed up, but I just kept on going. Check for errata before starting. It turned out okay, you can't tell because of the way I stitched the cuffs. Also, when knitting the sleeve, I had to make sure and use my row counter because there are so many repeats that I didn't want to screw up.

C. When working on the waist a little research on how you want to do the M1. I've always, well almost always considered when a pattern says to increase that it meant to knit in front and back unless otherwise noted and a Make 1 (even though it's an increase) was considered to be knitting the bar between the stitches. Well, if you do it this way, it will make a hole in your work. Someone told me I should have picked the bar up from the back with my left needle and knitted it twisted. Unfortunuately, I didn't stop and try to find out a better solution, I just kept on going, assuming that's what the designer wanted. I wish I would have watched the Cat Bordhi video on increasing before today. She talks alot about family, like the stitch on the needle is the daughter, and the one below is the mother and the one below the mother is the grandmother, and it got a little distracting for a second until she started knitting. She didn't knit the bar between the stitches, she picked up the mothers right leg and knit that. It made a very tiny hole, but much better.

Here is a picture of the cable up close. I can't wait to get this finished. It will be really nice for someone to wear to the OU football games.

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Lupie said...

I made one for my daughter awhile ago. I detailed on Ravaelry
You can have a M1L left slant and M1R right slant
depending on picking bar up back o front or front to back.
I found I had to make the sleeves shorter and I should have gone another pattern round with the hood it came out too short.
After blocking I was very happy with the sweater.
My posts start July 6th 2008 and Mandy Moore the designer was very helpful to me on Ravelry.
Can't wait to see yours when you finish.