Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March flew by

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted anything. March has been a busy month with lots going on.

March classes all went well, we started the Great American Afghan and so far so good. Most of the knitters have finished one square and are working on the next. I've been trying to work ahead so that I can help with tips or techniques. I have to say that square #5 just about kicked my butt. It was really easy until I got to row #39 or 40. There were too many K2tog, yo and SSK, yo. I guess I kept missing a YO which kept throwing me off at the end and then I'd had to back that row off and start over. It probably would have been easier on me if I wasn't trying to knit it at 1 AM. It was a relief to have #5 finished and blocked. I decided to let the squares rest for a week and work on some mindless knitting.

In November I will have a booth in the Women's Holiday Boutique. There are five of us that have decided to work together to knit up items to sell at the boutique. Julie and Julie (new knitters this year, but doing exceptional work) are making hats and scarves, Leigh is making Christmas stockings and house slippers, I'm not sure what Pam is going to be working on, so far it's just been her garden. I told her to make salsa and jams for the boutique, and I'm making bath sets. I've got Grandma's Lye Soap and I've made bath mits and back scrubbers. I think they will make good Christmas gifts.

I'm also making fingerless gloves, and I'm working on a pattern that is a little girls lace hat that will turn upside down and make a little purse. I'll post pics if I ever get that far. I also think I'm going to make some doggie sweaters for the boutique. You know how people love their dog babies.

The shop is going great, I've got classes set up for a Cashmere lace scarf sampler using Filaturo Di Croso Superior. The 2 at-a-time socks class was such a hit, I'm going to do it again this month and then I always have a beginning knit class and the "after knit and purl" class.

I've been trying to rearrange the shelves to make room for Cascade 220 and Berroco Weekend which will both arrive tomorrow or Thursday. When I chose to sell Marble Chunky and DK I never imagined what a huge hit they would be. I can't keep the stuff on the shelves. If you have your own shop and looking for a big hit, get Marble Chunky!

Here's another picture I wanted to share. Here's Hayden, hanging out with Maamaw at Unwind. He likes to look out the door and watch all the "big trucks" and wait for the Oo. P. Eps (UPS) man to come see me.