Friday, May 26, 2006


It's Friday finally - actually it's Saturday morning. Couldn't sleep so I decided to do some writing. What a day - still having problems with our new system, payroll has been a disaster. Still too many freaky glitches happening.

Mom and Dad came for a visit over the long weekend. It's always good to see them. They drove up last night from Colorado. I hope that everything works out and I'll be able to take off work for a week and go visit them this summer. The weather is always so nice at their house in the summer. It's so humid here in Oklahoma and add 100° temps to that and it's miserable here.

If I haven't mentioned this before, my sis and I are doing some research on our Indian heritage (or, trying to prove our Indian heritage). It's been really interesting. We always thought we were Cherokee, but we've recently found out that we also have some Osage history. Now we just have to find the proof in writing somewhere. I sure wish we would have started this while more of our family was still alive to help us with names and places.

This week has been really good food wise...I really need to get the exercise in, but I HATE IT!!! I know I would lose the weight faster if I'd get off my butt and get some cardio. I always have grand ideas and plans for exercising. I'll take my walking shoes to work and plan a walk during lunch time - do I walk? NO! I play on the internet instead. My friend Sabina wants me to take salsa dancing lessons with her. It sounds like fun, but I just can't see myself doing the salsa without throwing out my back. I can always think of an excuse not to exercise. My girls club wants to start taking belly dancing lessons...haha that's funny. The image I have of myself wearing a belly dancing outfit is hillarious. I'm sure it's good exercise and I should do something like that maybe I'd be more inclined to stick with an exercise plan if it was something fun. Because walking up and down my road just isn't fun. Going to the gym isn't fun. If not for the exercise the belly dancing would make me laugh so hard I'd have to burn extra calories. I'm giggling right now just thinking about it.

Sunday is weigh-in day - let's all pray really hard that the scale moves down again.

Talk to you later,

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