Thursday, February 21, 2008

Traveling Scarf

I've joined the traveling scarf team on Ravelry and I'm so excited. Yesterday, after I found out who my team mates were going to be I ran home at lunch and started digging through my stash and started my scarf. The rules of this game are very simple. You start a scarf and knit 3 to 4 inches and then you will mail it on a stitch holder to someone else on your team, along with a note card with any instructions or suggestions for your scarf (needle size, type of yarn, etc) also, each knitter will sign the note card so the owner of the scarf will know who knit which portion. We will each be given 1 persons address and mail each scarf to the same person, that way we are sure that everyone knits on each scarf.

I started my scarf with a deep chocolate brown acrylic/cotton blend, if I remember right it was Black Horse brand. I bought it at Edla's Yarn store in Walsenberg, Co last year on a visit to see Mom and Dad. Edla was discontinuing the yarn so I bought a gob of it at $4.00 a skein instead of the normal $7.99 per skein. (I always loves me a yarn sale). So when I got home and picked the needles up again, I just wasn't feeling this scarf, so I went and dug through the stash again and found a skein of olive green tweed Tahki wool, I don't remember the exact name right now, but I'll include it when I send out my scarf.

So, I've already knit my 4 inches, but if there are 13 people on my team and each person knits 3-4 inches, my scarf will be somewhere between 39 and 52 inches long. I was thinking, if I knit 5-6 inches at the beginning and then the other 12 team members knit 3-4 inches and then when I get it back I'll knit another 5-6 inches on the other end to make the ends match that might just work out long enough. That would put it roughly around 60 inches which is perfect.

Now I've just got to add another 2 inches and get my team mates address and ship her off in the mail, then it's just waiting for my next scarf to arrive to do some creative knitting for someone else's scarf.

This is going to be so much fun to see all of our creative minds working together.

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