Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday morning

It's 7:00am, and I'm sitting here thinking about everything that I have to do today.

1. Grocery Store
2. Come home unload groceries
3. Go to Unwind
4. Touch up paint in bathroom
5. Help David build the checkout counter
6. Call the carpet cleaner and reschedule
7. Call the OK Tax Commission and make sure I'm registered for the class tomorrow.
8. Get all the building supplies out of the shop

I'm sure there are a ton more things to do today, but those are the ones I've got to get taken care of.

I've been playing with logos for my shop window, but I don't really have any software for graphics except paint. Here's one, let me know what you think. Can you tell it is the word Unwind written with the yarn? I hope so, because that's what I was going for.

I met with Stephanie, the yarn rep yesterday. She was great, I ordered Alpaca with a Twist and way too much from the Kertzer line. We never even made it to the AslanTrends because it took over 4 hours to just go through those two lines. She is planning on coming back through on 11/18 so I'll probably go ahead and get AslanTrends taken care of on that day.
Oh, I just remember something else to add to my to do list... #9. Take the Notions application and fax it this morning.
I've got to head out to the grocery store now and get my day started.


lunaticraft said...

Love the logo. You can totally see "unwind."

lara griffiths said...

this logo is great!:)

Tekgirl said...

The logo is looking great! Go for it.

Lupie said...

Love logo but I have a hard time seeing the un. The wind is fine.