Monday, September 22, 2008

Crafty Weekend

I had a crafty weekend. I love it when I get in these new crafty mood, I love going to the store and buying all the stuff to get started on my new creations. I go through stages of craftiness. So my latest crafty endeavor is stitch markers or place markers, whichever you prefer. I had so much fun making these that I didn't get much knitting done.
I went to the craft store at 9am on Saturday morning. Hobby Lobby is the closest craft store to me. Not very many people will have ever heard of this store, I think it's locally owned and has a few chains in the Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri area. Anyways, I was excited to go in and browse through the yarn, pattern books, needles etc, but was very dissappointed at the selection. They must have had a big sell, because the shelves were looking mighty bare. I went over to the notions isle and was very underwhelmed. That's when it hit me! I need to make my own stitch markers. I've got several people in my Ravelry groups that would enjoy getting a RAK and everyone who knits needs stitch markers. That would be the perfect little "I'm thinking about you" gifts.

I finally found the jewelry making isles and laudy mercy EVERYTHING was 50% off. So I loaded up on all the stuff to make some really cute markers. I couldn't hardly wait to get out of the store and over to my sister's house to use her jewelry making tools. (I didn't buy those since I knew she already had that stuff).

I arrived at her house and she wasn't at home, she was at the dentist office cleaning my dad's teeth (she's a hygenist). I had just settled in with all my charms and jump rings and stuff scattered all over her coffee table when she came in the house. I quickly realized that I had purchased a whole lot more charms than rings and was going to have to go back to Hobby Lobby again. Well, with my sister seeing what I was doing, she got all excited about making stitch markers for herself and wanted to go also. So we took off, to make the 25 mile (one-way) trip again. This time when we arrived at Hobby Lobby, I knew exactly what I was getting at least I thought I did! Something about all the charms takes over my senses and I ended up buying even more charms and by the time we got back to her house I had enough charms and rings and stuff to make about 30 stitch markers. I've got about 10 or 12 charms left, my sister has tons of beads and now I just need some more large rings and jump rings to put them all together. I did end up having to buy a set of the needlenose pliers and crimpers and grabbers (I don't know the technical terms for these instruments).

Here are some of the pictures of my creations! I really like them.

placemarkers 020placemarkers 028placemarkers 030placemarkers 027 (this picture is kinda blurry)placemarkers 023placemarkers 033placemarkers 035placemarkers 036placemarkers 040placemarkers 043placemarkers 044
So what do you think? That is just some of them. It was hard to take the pictures because of the glare. I made alot of them with pretty beads. I'll see if I can get better pictures.

Now I just need to get my head out of the jewelry making and back into knitting so I can finish the pair of socks I'm testing for Yarnlady and the Woodland shawl that stuffed into my knitting bag.

Oh yeah! I had another find at Hobby Lobby. I bought a cardboard pattern cutting board for $6.99 to block all my knitting. This will make it much more easy to block stuff when I can pin it to the board and put it up on the table or counter to dry instead of constantly making sure that the dogs aren't laying on it or god forbid chewing on it. For some reason the dogs really like the smell of wet wool, it must really taste good.


Amanda said...

I've definitely heard of Hobby Lobby and am quite jealous you have one near you. I visited one in NC when visiting a friend, and am sad the nearest one to me is at least a 5 hour drive!

knakedknitter said...

That's too bad. I've got 3 Hobby Lobbys in a 30 mile radius. If you ever need anything let me know and I'll see if I can pick it up for you.