Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Ups and Downs

It's weird to me how one second you're happy, having an enjoyable morning and then "BAM" shit hits the fan, the rug is pulled out from under you, and you're head is spinning because you have no idea what just happened.

That's how I'm feeling right now. I was sitting in the floor playing with the baby, and Brennan comes in from his work out with a little bit of an attitude. He puts a Braum's bag on the coffee table and say "What? I tried to call and you didn't answer the phone". Chelsea and I just looked at him and said "It's no big deal". Chelsea and Brennan passed and she said "don't call me a bitch" she walked outside and he told me the only reason they are still together is because of Hayden and that they don't love each other. I asked, "So you don't love her anymore?" and he said "not when she's like that" and then Hayden, who was standing up at the coffee table tried to grab the Braum's bag and slipped and hit his chin on the table. I grabbed the baby and then Brennan took him from me and went into their room.

I'm sure alot of their stress and frustration is that they still live with us, but until Chelsea finishes school and starts working I don't know how they can afford to move out. You can't rent a place, pay a car payment, insurance, utilities, diapers, formula, food and clothing for a baby and still be able to have dinner for yourself when you make $12.00 per hour. If they moved out and she got a part-time job to help, then they would have a daycare bill on top of the other bills they have.

I'm just feeling bummed right now, so I'm going to talk about happy things like blocking scarves.

Yes, I've got my scarf for the Red Scarf Project on the blocking board, it's been there since yesterday morning and I'm going to give it a couple more hours before I take the pins out. I've also got my Traveling Scarf from Group 3. I know, I know, I should have blocked it a couple months ago, but I didn't. Also, I've got to graft my lace scarf together and get it blocked.

Now for my knitting...I was feeling bad about my Woodland Shawl because it had been a couple weeks since I'd worked on it and I was really afraid I'd forgotten where I left off, but I'm smarter than that! I had written myself a note of the date and row I had just finished. Whooo, that was a relief. Also, I decided to get out my row counter and each row I finish I click the button and then when I put it down and come back I know what row I'm on. When I finish all 16 rows of the pattern, I reset the row counter. My goal is to finish the pattern 3 times today.

Something to look forward to! The Amazing Race starts tonight. I started a group in Ravelry for anyone who wanted to be in a pool. It's like fantasy football in a way. You are assigned a team to race with. If your team wins the $1,000,000 you will win a prize valued $15-$20 from each person in your group. That's 10 people buying you a gift. Best of all - you get to decide what you want. That way you don't end up with $20 worth of fun fur that someone bought 5 years ago and has no idea what to do with it now. So if you want a certain brand of sock yarn, that's what you'll get. If you want gift certificates to your favorite etsy shop or LYS or, that's what you'll get.

I was in two groups during the season of Big Brother 10. I had Renny, she made it to the final 5 but just couldn't hang on. I also had Steven, the gay cowboy. I loved him, but he was targeted for eviction in the early weeks of the game. So I had to buy two gifts. Both of the winners in my groups wanted gift cards from That was super easy.

I was in another pool for the Greatest American Dog. I had JD and Galaxy and they made it to the final 3. The judges were stupid and inconsistent and though JD was a poor trainer and sent them home. The winner of that group wanted stuff. She said she liked notions, sock yarn, etc. I got to put a package together that was so much fun. I got her 2 skeins of Berroco sock, and cute little notepad, a stitch marker that I had made that says I heart dogs and then I went ahead and added 2 more skeins of sock yarn that I had purchased 10 skeins on ebay. It is 100% alpaca and sooooo soft. I'm making a pair of socks with it right now and everyone who has tried the 1st sock on says it is scrumptous on the toes.

I'm feeling better now, I can hear my grandson laughing and his mom and dad are talking and playing with him. I just hope they understand how hard it is to make a family stay together and that it doesn't just happen, it takes lots and lots of work. My daughter has a sign on the back of her car window that says It's easy to hate, love takes work".

Love takes work!


Lupie said...

I hope things have gotten better with your family. All we can do is be there but it is so hard sometimes. They don't see that this time is a dot in their lives.
You are so young for grandbabies!
I'm 56 and still waiting.

knakedknitter said...

Thank you, things are better. They are both such drama llamas it's ridiculous. If truth be told, I would have preferred they wait to start their family, but I wouldn't give my grandson up for the world now. I think I like him better than I did my own kids. lol

Lupie said...

So many of my friend tell me that the love they have for their grandkids is greater than any love they have ever known. I hope to feel that someday.