Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slacking on my blogging

I really can't believe it's been almost 20 days since I let you guys know about my life and it's ups and downs.

Let's see, Chelsea had the ultrasound done on her thyroid because the neurologist said it was enlarged. She had the EEG and the MRI and then on Monday, the 19th we went back to the dr. I don't think I like this dr. because I can't go in the exam room and ask questions. It's driving me crazy. But, she told Chels that the MRI on her pituitary gland showed small tumors (she said they are benign, but that makes me terribly nervous), her thyroid was okay, no tumors and her EEG showed signs of distress on the brain. She gave her a prescription for Topamax and so far it hasn't turned her into a zombie. She has a follow up appointment on Feb 20th.

On the knitting side of life - I finished the cute little baby sweater for my secretary's new baby who will be arriving in a couple of weeks, but I forgot to take a picture. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it, that makes me so mad. But I was litterally weaving in lose ends up until an hour before the shower started. Finished it, tucked it in the tissue paper and wrapped the box.
I'm hoping to get a picture of him wearing it sometime very soon.

My latest knitting obsession (which I haven't started yet, but I'm dying to cast on) is the Barn-Raising Quilt. But, before I can start another new project, I've told myself that I have got to finish the TASK square for the Traveling Scarf Group. So to curb my appetite a little bit, I'm using the Barn-RAising Quilt pattern to make my squares. I'm just using worsted weight and doing a few more rows to get the right gauge for the 12" squares. Then, and only then will I pull out all my sock yarn and start designing the color theme for my barn-raising quilt.

What else has been going on???? Hayden is getting smarter and smarter every day! He's talking up a storm, we aren't always sure what he's telling us, but I'm sure it's really important. The words we have deciphered all seem to start with a "d" sound. Like dog, and daddy, drink, down, diaper, but then there's also cat, which sounds like dat, or cow which sounds like dow, or pig which sounds like dig. He still hasn't said mommy or grandma, but I'm sure he will any day now.

Hopefully, I can check back in with you guys before 20 days fly by again.


lara griffiths said...

wish you luck on your follow up appointment and with the barn-raising quilt.

lunaticraft said...

That barn raising quilt is fabulous!

Good luck with everything, especially the follow up appointment.

Lupie said...

You know our thoughts are with you always. What a great quilt/blanket I may just have to think about making it after I finish the 10 or so project I have on the needles now.

P. Harper said...

Good luck at the next doctor visit.
Hopefully the medication will help your daughter.

Sorry to hear about your dog. Too bad there isn't an emergency room for pets!