Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Groundhog saw his shadow!

Yesterday was groundhog day and that damned groundhog saw his shadow and ran back in his hole. 6 more weeks of bad weather.

I just hope we are finished with the ice. Last week, Jan 26th on Monday afternoon the ice started. Freezing rain was coming down so fast that I had 1/2" to 1" of ice on my windshield within an hour. We closed up the office and slid home. It started out as a really scarey evening, my house is totally electric and like a goofball I never called the firewood people to have them bring out any wood. So, at approximately 8pm our electricity goes off. Since it was pitchblack in the house except for the couple of candles I found to light, we all decided we might as well go to bed.

I sat up and read by the light of my cell phone for an hour or so until it got so cold I couldn't keep my arms outside of the covers. At 3:30am the electricity came back on, because the TV was blaring and the lights came on. I shot out of bed like someone had invaded the house. I ran though really quick and shut off all the lights and turned off tv's and went back to sleep. The next morning, the schools were all shut down and the roads were like ice skating rinks. So I made an executive decision for our office to work from home. We were fortunate enough that the electricity stayed on for the next couple of days and the ice finally melted away.

We are on the countdown to the wedding...6 weeks from this coming Saturday is Chelsea and Brennan's wedding day. This Friday I'm taking a vacation day to take Chelsea to order the cake, pick out flowers, figure out the music, etc. The invitations were mailed on Saturday so it's a done deal. The date is picked and the dress is bought.

I finally finished the sweater for Angie's baby. I can't believe that Thursday is her last day and that her little boy will be here on Tuesday. Here's a picture of the sweater:


Lupie said...

The sweater is beautiful!
I had my daughters weddings two years in a row. At the time it was crazy but now looking back there are many beautiful memories. The day goes so fast enjoy every moment.

Amanda said...

My sympathies re the extreme weather, We are experiencing the opposite here - heat is shutting things down and knocking out the electricity. Roll on milder weather! Love the little cardi - very cute.

Michelle said...

The sweater is really cute! I know the weather is crazy here too!!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

What a lovely baby sweater:)Hugs Darcy

lunaticraft said...

Great sweater!

Good luck on the wedding plans, and I hope the weather gets better for you! We had some pretty nasty weeks there for a while, but it seems to have thawed up, at least temporarily.