Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night Knit Night Tonight

I'm getting ready for my first official Friday night knit night. This has been a very busy week, so let me start at the beginning.

Saturday was our first beginners knitting class and it went really well, I'm anxious to see how their scarves have progressed this week. Hopefully, they will all return tomorrow for their lesson.

Monday, I started the Daylily Scoop Neck Cardigan. I had gotten 6 new colors of the yarn in and it wasn't moving at all. It's amazing what a sample will do, I had a lady come in yesterday and buy the yarn and pattern to make the same cardigan, then this morning I had 2 customers come in and both buy the yarn and patterns. I'm going to have to get busy knitting something else as soon as I finish the sleeves on the cardigan. This is the back and both front pieces completed. I'm making the size small which calls for 8 skeins, but I really think it's only going to take 6.

I finally finished the sweater I was designing for Hayden. I thought it was going to be huge on him, but it actually turned out really cute and he still has room to grow into it for next winter also.

I made a pair of Alice's Fingerless Mitts for Chelsea. (I didn't really follow the directions, in fact I kinda did my own thing all the way around). Here they are: well here is one of them, it's almost impossible to take a picture of your own hand. I used Knit One Crochet Too's Geologee for the mitts. Chelsea thinks they are too long and wants me to make another pair, so I guess these are going to be mine.

My next project is going to be a lace shawl using Fino (Alpaca with a Twist). I've started looking on Ravelry for a lace pattern that will be challenging for my mind, but not so crazy that if I put it down to help a customer that I'm lost forever.

I got my picture in the newspaper again! This time in the Oologah Lake Reader. Carolyn Estes wrote a great story about the shop and I've had many calls from our neighbors in Oologah.

Tuesday, I had a group of ladies come by for a knitting lesson. It was alot of fun, I had 3 of the 4 knitting within 30 minutes. I'm curious to find out if the 4th lady is still trying or if she has given up. Maybe she'll come back in a day or two and show me her progress.

Last night, one of my first students, Amy brought her home school mom's for a Mother's Night Out. They arrived around 6:30pm, picked out yarn and needles and were ready for their lesson. I'm so glad my sister was here to help out. There were 8 women, luckily three of the women had knitted as children or teens and just needed a little help back on the bicycle and they were off and knitting. Leigh helped 2 of the ladies and I helped the other 2. They invited us to join the circle and before you knew it we were all sharing our life stories with each other. The evening ended around 10:30pm and they were all so excited and ready to plan their next knitting night out. By the time everyone left and I balanced the cash register, I was exhausted. I guess I didn't think about the 12-14 hour days that would go into running a business. But I wouldn't trade it for any other job right now. Benefits and a paycheck would be nice, but I'm hoping that will come in a year or two.

I just need to gear up for tonight, I'm hoping that my first Friday night knit night will be a success. Wish me luck!


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I look forward to hereing about the Friday night group.