Monday, December 14, 2009


The UPS man drove right past me today. I checked the tracking and it said the packages were on the truck for delivery. My daughter called and my yarn was delivered to my house.

Now I'm waiting for grandson to wake up from a nap so she can bring me the yarn. grrrrr...

I'm getting some more chairs for the shop. They are blue and on wheels. I think they will be more comfortable around the table instead of the folding chairs that I have right now. Then I can put the folding chairs up and just get them out when I have alot of people here.

Started working a new project this weekend. I was planning on making the Kertzer, Easy Hoodie using Marble yarn in the ocean blue color. But I'm improvising the pattern so much that it won't even be the same hoodie when I'm finished. I decided to make it in the round instead of front and back and I'm adding a raglan sleeve. I've taken pictures but I forgot to bring my memory card thing to download the pictures. I'll do that later.

I've had quite alot of people in today, which is good, because last Monday it was pretty slow.


Lupie said...

I love looking at pictures of your shop.
Can we see more?
Have you thought about a web sight for the shop?

Bethel said...

I am very excited about your new store. I lived near there for 8.5 years and now live in Katy, TX. My kids are in college in Tulsa and my Mama lives in Claremore so I will definitely come by when I come back home to visit. Hope to after Christmas Day.