Thursday, December 03, 2009

Unwind is OPEN!!!!

Wow, the past two days have been alot of fun.

On opening day, Tuesday. I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. My mind was reeling with things I needed to do before I opened the shop to the public for the very first time. You know how first impressions are and I wanted mine to be perfect.

The first thing on my 3am list was to go to the bank, because I completely forgot about getting change for the cash register. I guess since I rarely carry cash and use my check card everywhere my mind just assumed everyone would do the same. duh... but the bank didn't open until 9am. Also on my list was getting the table set, vaccuuming again, clean the windows and door just to make sure they were really clean. Get the apple cider in the crockpot and started heating. I left the house at 7:15 (I don't open until 10) got to the shop at 7:25 and started my chores which were all finished by 8 o'clock. I straightened the shelves just to make sure every skein looked it's best and then sat down and started knitting until 9, so I could go to the bank. Between 8 and 9 I probably had 6 or 7 phone calls from sales people wanting me to buy their credit card terminal. Left the shop, got the change and came back. Decided to put on a pot of coffee. At 9:45 I saw a car pull up and two people got out. I recognized Rebecca and her daughter from Ravelry. I opened the door and the day began. It was soo much fun!!!

People signed my email list so as soon as I get my computer I can start sending out emails to everyone. I also made a class suggestion list. It looks like most people want a beginners class and magic loop class, so I'll get those going as soon as I can.

Yesterday was a little slower. I had about 7 people come in and only had 1 actual sale. It was a teenager wanting to make a scarf. She spent 11.00. Luckily my buddy morgaine from Ravelry called bought a $50 birthday gift card for Amber, another Ravelry buddy. So my total sales for day 2 was 61.00 (about 7 times less than day 1). So here's hoping that today will be better than yesterday. My goal is $1000 this week, let's see if I can hit it.


lara griffiths said...

ohhh super fantastic congratulations!

Lupie said...

I am sure things will pick up. I wish I could bring my Chalk Dust Knitters/Crocheters group to Unwind. When we go on feild trips to LYS we bring in lots of money. My daughters and I never leave a yarn store with out spending well over $100.
How about seeing if there are any local groups that could do a field trip to Unwind?

sphynx knitter said...


lunaticraft said...

Congrats! I would gladly help you meet that $1000 goal if it wasn't for the whole I'm-living-multiple-states-away thing. Your shop looks so welcoming and it would be so awesome to see it after following the whole set up process with you here!