Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Morning

The sun shone through the curtainless window, bright and brillant. My eyes slowly opened to the wonderful day ahead, flipped back the warmth hugging my body and stood to a new morning. Slowly I make my way to the bathroom, stripping off my nightshirt. Empty my bladder and step on the scales. 171.8 - yeah, another loss.

The dogs are in a hurry to get outside for their routines, the cats are underfoot circling my legs waiting for me to get their daily crunchies. I grab my 32 oz of cold water and start chugging as I walk to the computer to read the daily dose on ns and document my new weight.

Decisions - what's for breakfast? Looking through the cupboard and trying to decide, pancakes or granola with yogart. Opting for the pancakes I busy myself while mixing the batter and waiting for the pan to heat I hum a Kelly Clarkson tune that I can't get out of my head. Because of you...and I wonder is her life really so bad because of someone else or is it an excuse. Why can't she change her destiny? I could say the same thing, because of you I'm overweight. My mother has been overweight all my life. I would never blame my weight on someone else. It's because of me and my choices. So today, I'll continue making good choices - because of me.

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