Thursday, October 15, 2009

Knots & Needles - Revised

That's going to be the name of my shop. I found out that I don't have to have any licenses. I just need to have the fire marshall inspect the space. Taxes are going to be a nightmare, so I think I'll have to beg my ex-employee Rita (she lost her job also) to be my accountant. I'm just waiting for my money to come in so I can rent the space and get started. Trying to make decisions on should I have a big table for everyone to sit around or should I have a comfy couch here and a few chairs there. It's very scarey!!

On a less scarey note, I finished a bomber jacket for my son. I had knit this pattern or someting like it a few years ago. I couldn't find the pattern, so I improvised. I started to knit it all in one piece and then decided not to do that. (The next one I do will be in one piece). The last time I made this sweater, I didn't like the collar, it kinda hung out there like bat wings, so I modified the collar and then stitched it down. I really like the way it turned out. I get a picture of it and post it later.

Well, here's a picture of the bomber jacket finished. The bad thing about this jacket is that it doesn't fit my son. I thought him and his dad were closer in size than they really are I guess. So, guess who gets the jacket. I need to get some more yarn and make another before Christmas and adjust the sleeves and girth of the sweater for the kid.


Lupie said...

I think tables are very important to have in a yarn shop. then maybe some nice soft chairs or love seat.
Can't wait to see pictures of the space!

Karen said...

Congratulations and best of luck with the shop! I think a table AND comfy chairs will draw knitters, especially if you have designated sit & knit times.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

BEST of luck with your new shop! If you are going to offer classes, a table would be needed. If you have space, a couch or comfy chairs would be most welcoming. Much success to you!