Thursday, October 29, 2009

Signed the lease ~ no turning back now!

I signed the lease today. Registered my company with the Secretary of State, bought the lumber and stuff to start building shelves. I've got appointments with two different yarn distributors for next week. It's really going to happen. I just pray that it's a success.

I got a quote for the lighted channel letter sign that is required for the rooftop. $2200 plus installation, tax and permit. YUCK!!! But, instead of putting my name on the roof, I decided to just have the work YARN lit up in big letters. I'm going to have my name and phone number etc. on the front door and side window. But, the landlord told me that if I get my sign up within a month of opening, he will give me a months free on the rent.

So this weekend is going to be busy, building shelves, painting, fixing the bathroom and getting rid of the Tidy Cat Litter box that the last tenant had attached to the mini hot water tank. I've got to get the electricity in my name, the gas switched over, the phone and internet set up and a countertop for the cash register. Whoo, I'm tired.


skaro964 said...

Good luck, I know that you can do it, and will be sucessful.

Lupie said...

If I lived by you I would be there to help!

lunaticraft said...

Good luck!!