Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still trying to figure all this out

I found out yesterday that the complex that I want to lease for my shop requires a Lighted Channel Letter sign. Did you know these signs cost between $2000 and $4000???? I didn't either. Well, that's throwing a huge kink in the plans. If the price varies depending on how many letters, I'm definitely going to have to rethink the name of the shop. Knots & Needles is way to many letters and spaces. I'm going to have to come up with something catchy in 4 letters or less. Just kidding, but I am willing to take suggestions at this point.

Ewe Knit?
Yarn Over

Maybe I could make this a contest. The winning name will get a prize.

The space is very small, only 600 sq feet. It leases as is, so it will require some paint and carpet cleaned. David said he would build the shelves and a counter top for the cash register. Rita has a cash register that I can use for the time being. I'm going to have to go with yarns that are affordable and practical until I can get into the really expensive stuff. I love berroco yarns and plymouth has some great stuff. I'd also like to get some local dyers and spinner to showcase their stuff. It's very overwhelming. I need a partner.

Now back to my own knitting...I finally got Hayden to put the fish sweater on that I made him.

The smallest size was a 4T, but I knit a little tighter and used smaller needles. It probably is between a 2T and 3T. The sleeves are a little long, but he'll grow into it.

He's the hardest kid to get a good picture of, I've got pictures of him running, twisting, dancing, but I can't ever get a picture of him straight on standing still. This was about the closest I could get.


lara griffiths said...

q-t! love the little sweater!

Lupie said...

The sweater is so cute!
I think affordable and practical yarns is the way to go. If I were opening a shop I always said I would make sure I had yarns for everyone. Not everyone can afford to spend $20 on a skein of yarn.
How about Yarnies or Yarnys(less letters)

Miz Minka said...

Hi Knakedknitter! I just checked into Ravelry this week after a looong absence, so that's how I found my way to your blog. I'm so sorry you lost your job...and with no warning like that. :( But I'm also very excited for your opportunity to start your own business!!!! I wish you the best with that!!!

I really like "Yarn Over." Rolls of the tongue nicely, has a good ring to it, would look nice on a sign, I like the "technical" reference, and it also seems inviting. Like stopping by and having a "yarn" together or something... It's just clever.

Hope you'll post some pictures when you get the shop up and running!

PS: I haven't had time to do any knitting. *sniff*

Megan said...

I love the fish sweater- he is a cutie! Such nice hair!

How about ktog like "knit together" it's a knitting term but also a description of the shop as a place for people to literally knit together.

Good luck!

Kara said...

YEA! A new yarn shop! If I ever make it to OK, I'll be there. Get Brown Sheep. Love all the name options! Good luck with it all.


Closeknits said...

Congratulations Knakedknitter1! I can't wait to hear about your journey to become a shop owner!

I like ktog as well but I am not sure that it will be able to be recognized as a yarn shop.... on a store I am afraid it will look like "Kaytog" and not like the knitting instruction.

Knitspot is my first thought but I will keep thinking.

Good Luck!

Closeknits said...

Yarn OK!

Closeknits said...

Promise to stop soon.... I am on a roll!

Harmony Yarn