Sunday, October 25, 2009


I hoping to sign the lease this week and get busy fixing the place up. It is rented "as is" which isn't very good. There is exposed red brick which I like, paneling (not really fond of) and filthy filthy carpet. The last tenant owned an motorcycle repair shop. Why in the world would you repair motorcyles on carpet? I'm hoping I can save some money and get Stanley Steemers to clean the carpet and if the oil stains won't come out, to cover them with an area rug. I'm going to leave the paneling as is and paint the back walls and the space above the paneling.

The tiny little room to the right is just that. I think I'm going to put the cash register counter right there and then put a file cabinet and small desk at the back and make that my "office area".

I though about making that a kids area, but then I realized I won't have any place for my paperwork. Here's a couple of pictures of the bathroom. It's gross, you can definitley tell it was used by guys.

I think I'll take down the medicine cabinet and put up a framed mirrow, put a skirt around the sink to cover up the tiny hot water tank. Hopefully some bleach will clean the floor and then put up a cute vintage knitting print on the brink wall.

Like I said, I'm trying to do this a cheaply as possible.

I wanted to thank all you guys for the names of the shop, I really like Knit Together but I think I've come up with a name. To me knitting is a time to sit and relax, chat with my friends and just unwind. I'm going to call it unwind. One of my ravelry friends told me there is already an unwind in Southern California, but there isn't one any place else and they don't have a copyright on the name. If for some reason I can't get the name registered with the Secretary of State, then I'll probably go with Yarn Over. But, keep posting your ideas and if I see something that really grabs me, you'll get a prize. I still really like the Ktog, but I don't think people will understand what it means. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress and I'll keep taking pictures.


lara griffiths said...

oh- how wonderful! i love your name (unwind) and the exposed brick will really be neat. i like the idea of having a kids room, with toys, small people furniture and a bookcase with all of the kiddo patterns~ but i know how important office space is!!!!

good luck :)

Lupie said...

So cool! I love the space and unwind is a great name. You will do a great job putting things together.

Megan said...

knitters will know what it means! ;) but muggles won't. I know a lot of knitting groups call their groups "ktog"s so I think it's easy to recognize. Good luck with unwind!