Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

The first thing I want to tell everyone is I HIT MY EASTER GOAL WEIGHT! 169lbs and dropping.

What are you doing for Easter? How old is too old for the Easter bunny? Do you go to church every Sunday, just Easter Sunday or not at all? Do you have family traditions? These are questions that people asked me this week. Here are my answers....

I'm probably going to clean house and try and start mowing the 2 1/2 acres of grass that won't stop growing, if you watch really close you can actually see it getting taller. (if I ever win the lottery - I'm blacktopping my yard).

My kids are 20 - Happy Birthday Davy! and 17. I don't hide Easter eggs, but I did make them up a little somthing. I bought each of them a cute Easter coffee cup, jelly bellys, chocolate eggs, an OU t-shirt (go Sooners) and a $20.00 gas card.

I used to go to church every Sunday, in fact I've been going to the same church (First Christian, Disciples of Christ) since I was 12 years old until a few years ago. To be honest, I've never felt like I fit in at that church. I was the only kid in my age group, everyone was either 2-3 years younger or older than me, so I was put with the little kids and felt stupid, or put with the high school kids and felt unworthy. Even when I grew up I felt like an outcast. My ex-husband wouldn't go to church with us and at the time there wasn't a class for young married couples, so I went in the class with my parents, don't get me wrong it was a great class, but I was 20ish in a room with 45+year old people. Then about the time I got divorced, the church decided they needed a class for the young adults. Guess what, everyone was married except me. They would have monthly get togethers, parties, etc. and I just didn't fit in. But, I still felt like I had to go to church even though I was always on the outside. The reason I stopped going was because the kids stopped going. Davy was in the youth group band and when the youth music leader quit and went to a church in another town it just wasn't the same for the kids. They didn't want to go anymore, and I wasn't going to force them to go, because I knew what that felt like. I guess the other reason is I just don't like organized religion. I believe in God and that Jesus Christ is my savior and I pray and try to lead a good life. I am a very spiritual person, I'm just not religious. Alot of people will probably say I'm going to hell. But while I was watching the Passion of Christ last night, I don't remember him saying anything about not going to church equals going to hell. I remember him saying those who believe that he is the lord and savior will join him in paradise one day. So to answer the question...I don't go to church at all.

Enough of that....on to the next question - We used to have family traditions, (church, easter egg hunt, big fattening lunch, lots of chocolate and gooey candy, but since Mom and Dad scattered off to Colorado, the kids grew up, and I'm on NS now I don't think we are going to stick to the tradition. No chocolate bunnies for me this year.

We celebrated Davy's birthday last night (I just can't believe he's 20 years old), my sister Leigh and her husband Brent, Chelsea and their friend Tyler joined us. My niece Alyssa was our waitress and my nephew Baryn had to work at McDonalds. It was fun, Leigh Ann (she's also doing NS-just started, her NS screen name is bumpey, send her an email of encouragement) and I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich (but we didn't eat the bun) with tomato, lettuce, pickles and onion topped with a little mustard and tiny bit of ranch dressing with a side salad. I also had 2 (very small) bottle caps - fried jalapeno slices. They were very good, but I was proud that I just tasted and didn't binge on them.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter and don't eat too much candy.

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