Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sleepy Saturday

I've been really lazy today. Got up pretty early for a Saturday 7:00am, woke Chelsea up because she had to take the ACT test this morning. Logged onto the NutriSystem site and ready some profiles and the Daily Dose. Had breakfast, mixed berry crunch (I love this) 1 cup of mixed berries microwaved for 3 minutes to get really hot and bubbly add 1 pkg of splenda and then top with the NS low-fat granola cereal, couple squirts of ICBINB spray and microwave for about 30 more seconds. Yummy it's like eating berry cobbler for breakfast.

After breakfast I got ready and went to the grocery store. Does anyone out there know the money/time equation at Wal-Mart? It's $100.00 per hour. I spent exactly 1 hour and 7 minutes in Wal-Mart this morning and my bill was $113 and some change.

Came home, put the groceries away, chopped up my veggies and made a big salad to have on hand. Ate lunch (NS sloppy joe - I love these too!) Has anyone tried the new Diet Dr.Pepper Berries and Cream? It is sooooo good, it tastes a little like cream soda with a hint on berry.

After lunch I planned on walking a mile, but instead ended up taking a nap. Woke up with a sinus headache that took forever to go away. Around 6pm I got hungry and had the homestyle chicken and noodles (not my favorite) with greenbeans and a banana. I still need to drink 2 more bottles of water before today ends, shouldn't be a problem.

Hope everyone has a more productive Saturday than I've had.

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