Sunday, April 02, 2006

Look at that chin

I don't have very many pictures of myself - this is me, 2 weeks after starting NS. I had lost about 10 lbs at this mark. I look awful, but we were having fun. Girls night, playing board games. Our normal girls night is eating rich fattening foods, drinking foo-foo drinks or wine and playing Texas-Hold'em or just visiting. We get together once a month and the party is hosted at a different persons house each month. The hostess decides the evening, theme, prepares the meals, etc.

We've had girls night 3 times since I began NS and I've never slipped. I taked my own food and snacks and Diet dr pepper is my drink. This month I'm the hostess, April 22. The theme this month is gaudy Easter bonnets. Everyone has to make their own and then we will vote and have a prize for the winner. I don't know what I'm going to make for dinner - should I make a dinner or just have snack food. I'm not sure what to do?

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White Rose Boy said...

Just found your blog on a random search, You look great in this photo.