Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why do I have animals?

We live in the country where fences are not required. We have 4 cats and 2 dogs. Cats are really keep to themselves creatures, but the dogs take so much work. Someday I'll try and get a picture of all the animals posing for a portrait. (That should be interesting). But until then, I'll try and give you the image. The oldest is K.C (Kitty-Cat) he is 17 years old and a snowshoe. A snowshoe cat has the markings of a siamese, except they have a white mask in the middle of the dark mask around their nose (kinda tri-color, tannish-gray, black, white) and they have white on their toes. Then we have Meeko she is around 11 years old, white with patches of tan all over and the momma to Crystal who is an 8 year old gray tabby, very skiddish only wants to cuddle if you are sleeping. And to finish off the kitty collection we have Joe. Joe, is a big big gray tabby (probably weighs 20lbs) who wandered up to our house as a kitten about 7 years ago. Thinking we had a boy he was named Joe, once we went to the vet we found out he was a she, but the name stuck. The dogs...Sampson (Sam) is a 6 year old Rat Terrier and a little crotchity. He gets nervous alot and shakes, the past year has been pretty hard on him - his sister Delilah (Deli) was murdered last year by the neighbors golden retriever (Popcorn) on our front porch. Sam was tramatized by that ordeal and seemed depressed. We had been talking about getting another friend for Sam, but I knew I didn't want a little dog.

Sam hasn't been real thrilled that Chelsea brought home a lab/border collie puppy and the cats haven't bonded yet either. Beau is about 4 months old, black with white on his chest and tip of his tail and a holy terror, we got him when he was about 10 weeks old. It had been along time since I'd potty trained and house proofed for a puppy. I think he's going to be a smart dog, the potty training went well - we still have a few accidents if we don't pay close attention, but he will scratch on the back door to go outside. His vocabulary is growing everyday. Outside, potty, cookie, NO, sit, lay down and get down are the words that he knows right now. He is into everything. Just this morning as I'm here at the computer reading NS profiles, I hear him crunching on something. I looked at him and all I see him chewing is his baby (a stuffed animal). I continue reading and decide to get up for a bottle of water and see red wet spots all over the carpet. Immediately I look at him and said, "What did you do?" Sheepishly he lowers his head and then I see the bottle of Cloreseptic throat spray. David had a sore throat last night and I guess he left the bottle on the coffee table. Beau chewed on the spray top, somehow got the top unscrewed and poured the liquid on the floor. As I'm cleaning that mess up and hoping the red doesn't stain I hear another peculiar sound. "Beau, where are you?" Now he's in the kitchen and has gotten a chunck of chewed bubble gum on his mouth, stringing from the top to the bottom. I had to get that gooey junk off of him before he has it all over the couch or God only knows where. I made him go outside and within a few minutes he's at the back door wanting in. As I opened the door and he came barreling in I noticed something in his mouth. "Beau, what do you have?" He ran into David's bedroom to hide, but I found him and his deer remains. Yes, that's right. He brought in about 6 vertebra of a deers spine. What's next?

Right now he's lying on the floor next to my feet being the sweet puppy I fell in love with. The bad part is, he's going to wake up soon and then we'll start all over again with something else being chewed up or drug into the house.

That didn't last long, now he's tormenting KC.

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