Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's hard to get the Blue Bear

The first 20lbs came off really very easy. I've earned the red and purple bears now, I'm in possession of the red bear and the purple bear was supposed to come in my last shipment, but they missed me (hopefully I'll get it in next shipment). I've struggled alot trying to get the next 10 lbs off, I want that damn blue bear under my belt. Last week I lost 0.8 and this week it was only 0.6. Two weeks and barely lost 1 lb. I will admit that I didn't do ALL my exercising that I commited to, but I did walk on Monday about 1/2 a mile and yesterday I walked the whole mile. I didn't walk last Friday or Sunday. I promise myself that I will walk the full mile at leat 4 times every week.

What is it that the others do? I read profiles all the time and there are all these people losing 3-4 lbs each week. How are they doing it? I stick to the food plan 100%. I've been getting all my water intake, I've limited my caffeine. I just want to see a 2lb loss next week.

Okay, no more whining!!! A loss is a loss, at least it wasn't a 0.6 lb gain. I'll be quiet now.

UPDATE Since this morning...
A former employee came to the office today, she quit last May to get married to an army man and moved to Texas. Now he's in Iraq and she's about to have a baby. She actually noticed my weightloss. I was very excited about that.

I took off work early today and went to the salon, got a cut and color. Now my hair is dark aburn with blond highlights. It looks alot like Debra Messings hair color (Grace from "Will & Grace") Then I went and bought some new pants (Size 12) yeah!!! and some tops to go with the pants...tops are a large, down from XL. But I've got huge boobs (36DD) so I may never be in a size small. So being so discouraged this morning about only losing 0.6 was just a pity-party and I'm over it, I'm down another pant size...and one day I'll be at goal.

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